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Stop Anxiety From Stopping You.

Does Your World Seem Dull & Draining And You Don’t Know Why?

  • Are you unmotivated, sluggish, and even physically achy?
  • Have you lost interest in the hobbies and activities you used to enjoy?
  • Do you feel as though you are not yourself?
  • Are frequent negative, thoughts about yourself adding to your pain?
  • Do you feel hopeless or worthless and doubt that things could ever improve?
  • Do you wish you could find pleasure in life?

You Can Feel Better Both Physically and Mentally with Depression Treatment

Many people struggle with the symptoms of depression without realizing it. You might feel off, as though you are functioning below your normal capacity. Perhaps you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, feel listless throughout the day, and find work and activities unrewarding. Maybe you dwell on the tasks you haven’t accomplished and feel irritable and frustrated.

Depression can rob you of your happiness, energy, motivation, and hope. It’s a vicious circle. Depression slows you down mentally and physically. Everything becomes an effort and you tire easily. You do less, and then blame yourself for doing less. You come to believe that you can do nothing, and that you will never get over your depression. Then you feel more depressed. Depression counseling can help you feel like you again.

Depression Counseling Can Help You:

  • Find your way out of depression
  • Alleviate physical and emotional symptoms
  • Increase positive thinking and belief systems
  • Understand and express your emotional needs
  • Pinpoint life problems that contribute to depression
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Regain a sense of control and pleasure in life

You Can Increase Your Self-Worth
I can help you do away with feelings of shame or purposelessness and, instead, to develop self-worth, self-compassion, and self-confidence. In counseling sessions, I will help you identify your core beliefs about yourself. Often beliefs we have about our lives or ourselves impact how we feel. I will help you create a new way of relating to and understanding yourself.

Contact me at or 202-919-9482 to discuss how I can help or to answer any questions you have about teletherapy.